On Thunderpussy and the Birth of New Gods

LA Music Blog sits down with the band after their sold-out performance at Boise's Treefort. Here's what they had to say:

With a name like “Thunderpussy,” one must imagine the swaggering confidence and self-awareness they must have in order to carry that banner. It’s practically a mission statement. It's loud. It's attention-grabbing. It’s somewhat self-effacing. It’s seductive. It’s bold. It is a legion of other things—all conveyed simply by dint of moniker. It establishes a standard immediately that is backed up at every level following.

Molly, Leah, Ruby, and Whitney of Thunderpussy looked at that blueprint codified by some of their childhood heroes like Steven Tyler of Aerosmith and said, essential, “why not us?” Out of that simple question has arisen a supremely confident sound, performance, and philosophy that simultaneously pays homage to the rock gods of yore while stating that they are coming to conquer those golden halls.




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